IdleMMO Wiki

Version 0.17.2-PB

  • Added "Birth Date" to characters profile.
  • Updated membership page for the mobile apps.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when sending a pet on a hunt.
  • Fixed daily task requirement for cooking. The range has been reduced to 250 -> 400 from 500 -> 700.

Version 0.17.1-PB

Push Notifications

Push notifications for our mobile apps will be phased out over the next 7 days. Please watch for updates in your app store.

If you have already enabled push notifications prior to this update (via the Web App for example), you must navigate to the settings page for the app to recognise that you have push notifications enabled. You do not need to do anything else. Simply navigating to the settings page is enough.

You can test the push notifications yourself by performing one fishing action, or crafting one single item.


  • If you are not receiving notifications, please use the "Resync" button that is available on the settings page.
  • Please make sure your app has the following version code (or higher). You can check the version code in your phone settings.
    • v1.0.0.6 (Android)
    • v1.0.6 (iOS)

Version 0.17.0-PB


  • Players can earn special badges by completing specific achievements within the game.
  • There is a badge for every skill when a character reaches level 100.
  • Account-wide badges are also distributed to closed beta testers and those with membership.
  • More badges will come soon once we track more in-game metrics.
  • Badges can be equipped on the characters profile (1 badge for free users. 3 badges for members).


  • Performance improvements.
  • Fixed the game crashing when the exhaustion effect kicks in for a very small number of users.
  • Added guild challenge tasks for those that are in a guild.
  • Fixed bug that disabled the ability to scroll on some item listings.
  • Fixed the ability to add to an existing market listing when a characters has reached its listing limit.
  • Market listings are now ordered by quantity in the event multiple listings have the same price.
  • Preparation for push notifications on iOS and Android.

Version 0.15.6-PB

  • Fixed Android pricing for tokens. You may notice some token packs have had a significant reduction to the price (country dependent).
  • Players using Android App can now buy multiple tokens or membership packs in one transaction.

Version 0.15.5-PB

We are thrilled by the surge in player activity following the release of the IdleMMO Android app. Thank you so much for your support!

Due to this surge in activity, our priority right now stabilizing the game. We've made it clear from the onset that our number one main priority is to build an incredibly stable, polished, and robust game as it will significantly help us in the future when we add more features or expand upon existing ones.

Right now, we are focusing our efforts on fixing issues and improving performance. This will ensure the game can continue to scale as needed without worrying about the server slowing down.

Highly anticipated features, such as direct trading, push notifications, a public API, and others are still in the works but they may just take slightly longer to arrive (though, hopefully not too much). We thank everyone for their patience in this.

If you haven't seen already, we have already outlined a plan on what is to come on our public road map which can be seen here:

Without further ado, here is v0.15.5-PB. Nothing too exciting but contains a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements and QOL additions. This list isn't exhaustive as we've done a lot of work under-the-hood.

  • Campaign page QOL adjustments (most of the elements on the page no longer require a complete page load when interacting with them)
  • Fixed skill task duplicating when refreshing a task.
  • Fixed task error for <0.1% of players that caused the game to crash.
  • Performance improvements on the item inspection page.
  • Fixed bug where the pet will follow the character to the new location if the pet returns from battle while travelling.
  • Added beta notice to the mobile menu.
  • Added placeholder text for the date picker on the raid menu.
  • Raid times now display times up to 12 hours in 10 minute increments (instead of 6 hours in 5 minute increments)
  • Improved UX when copying the referral code.
  • Added link on the membership page to view the membership items on the market.
  • Added referral code link to the character page on the mobile apps.
  • Fixed tooltip on account/character creation on the mobile apps.
  • Added "Max Health", "Max Hunger", and "Max All" when quickly eating food or feeding a pet.
  • Fixed bug where closing the "use" dialog box on the inventory page caused the screen to freeze.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some characters from obtaining effects from the shrine.
  • Fixed "View Location" button that caused the "Battle" tab to be stuck on the menu page when using the mobile apps.
  • Updated the privacy policy to list the use of Google Firebase and the purpose of using it (we use it to track app crashes).
  • Fixed the item inspection page where it incorrectly filtered the tier on the market listings.
  • Lots of undocumented changes throughout the app that will help improve performance.
  • Wiki changes: Added table showing minimum pet level for each location on the Pets page. Contribution by @‌jeremyflc (GitHub)
  • Wiki changes: Added clarification to each item types purpose on the Item Types page. Contribution by @‌jeremyflc (GitHub)
  • Wiki changes: Added a table showing which skills boost each stat on the getting started page. Contribution by @‌jeremyflc (Github)

Version 0.15.4-PB

  • Significant performance improvements.

Version 0.15.3-PB

  • Fixed Apple payment issues when attempting to make a purchase after subscribing.

Version 0.15.2-PB

  • 24 hour guild announcements are now free.
  • 48 hour guild announcements have been reduced to 1 mark from 2 marks.
  • 7 day guild announcements have been reduced to 2 marks from 4 marks.
  • Moved character switcher button on mobile to be more obvious.
  • Added the ability to quickly view the location for a world boss/dungeon.
  • The total level/combat level for each guild application is displayed on the guild application screen.
  • Added short description on how to use an upgrade stone on the item itself.
  • Added short description on how to use an essence crystal on the item itself.
  • Fixed "Unyielding Fortitude" campaign item.
  • Fixed window issues on mobile when navigating to a players profile via the world boss participant list.
  • Skill tasks are no longer duplicated.
  • Fixed membership efficiency duplicating for a few moments.
  • The item level is shown in the equipped items section on a characters profile.
  • Moved "Points" to the tiers tab on the campaign page.
  • Slight improvements to the campaign UI.
  • Campaign "collect" button is now visibly disabled when the character does not have enough points.
  • Adjusted market UI when selecting an item.
  • The "Nearby" button is now constantly shown even if there isn't anything nearby.
  • Added "Not Equipable" badge to the market item modal when pressing on an item.
  • Fixed profile grid inconsistencies.
  • Added commas to various numbers throughout the game.
  • Added loading spinner to the location pop-up when the game is awaiting a response from the server.
  • Massive performance improvements.