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Item Types

Type Purpose
Sword Sword
Increases Attack Power, Agility, Accuracy, Critical Damage.
Dagger Dagger
Increases Attack Power, Agility, Accuracy, Critical Damage.
Bow Bow
Increases Attack Power, Agility, Accuracy, Critical Damage.
Helmet Helmet
Increases Protection.
Chestplate Chestplate
Increases Protection, Accuracy, Agility, Critical Chance.
Gauntlets Gauntlets
Increases Protection.
Shield Shield
Increases Protection.
Greaves Greaves
Increases Protection.
Boots Boots
Increases Protection.
Log Log
Obtained when cutting logs using the Woodcutting skill. Used when forging items.
Fish Fish
Obtained when catching fish using the Fishing skill. Fish can then be cooked into food.
Food Food
Obtained when cooking fish or meat. Food can increase a character’s health. It can also be fed to a pet to increase its health and hunger.
Crafting Material Crafting Material
Obtained via loot from enemies when battling. Crafting materials are used when crafting items using the forge or other skills that have item requirements (such as alchemy).
Pet Egg Pet Egg
Obtained via World Bosses. Eggs can be added to a characters pet inventory. An incubation will start immediately after it has been added to the pet inventory. After the incubation period has elapsed, the pet will be available to the character.
Metal Bar Metal Bar
Obtained via the “Smelting” skill by smelting ores into bars. Metal bars are used for crafting items such as armour and metal weapons.
Potion Potion
Potions give your character a time limited boost in certain actions or skills.

For example, consuming a “Battle Potion” will give your character a minor boost in hunting efficiency and experience points for 30 minutes.

The 30 minutes countdown in real time. After the 30 minutes elapse, the boost will be removed from the character.
Essence Crystal Essence Crystal
Essence Crystals work slightly different to potions in that they are not limited by time, but by uses instead. If an essence crystal gives you one use, then that means you can apply it to one skill or action for the entire time you are performing that action.

For example, let’s say you have an essence crystal for Woodcutting that slightly increases its EXP and efficiency per every log you obtain. When you start the woodcutting action, the boost will automatically be applied for the entire time you are performing that action. If you are woodcutting for 80 minutes, then the boost will be applicable for the full 80 minutes.

Note: The boost from the essence crystal will automatically be removed as soon as you cancel or refresh the skill.
Ore Ore
Obtained when mining ore veins with the Mining skill. Ore can be smelted into iron bars using the Smelting skill.
Recipe Recipe
Consuming a recipe unlocks that recipe within the forge. Some recipes have limited uses. Once the number of uses has reached 0, then it will be removed from the forge. Recipes with a limited number of uses can be stacked.
Skin Skin
Used for applying specific skins to the characters skin collection. This can either be a character skin or a background skin.
Campaign Item Campaign Item
Campaign Items are exclusive to the associated seasonal campaign. During the seasonal campaigns active period, campaign items can be exchanged for campaign points.
Chest Chest
Chests can contain a variety of different items. Chests are not premium loot boxes. They can only be achieved via gameplay. Chests can be obtained via a campaign rewards, world bosses and dungeons.
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
Used to catch fish via the Fishing skill.
Pickaxe Pickaxe
Used to mine ore via the Mining skill.
Felling Axe Felling Axe
Used to cut wood via the Woodcutting skill.
Special Special
Obtained exclusively from seasonal campaign. Typically used to increase your experience or efficiency in performing a skill associated with the campaign.
Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.