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Hunting and Battling


Before engaging in combat, you'll need to track down a group of enemies by hunting them. The quantity you can encounter is directly linked to your Hunting Mastery skill level. Meanwhile, your Movement Speed stat determines how swiftly you can hunt these mobs.


Once you've located a mob, you can start a battle by selecting an enemy and clicking Battle. Exercise caution; taking on an adversary of a higher level may lead to defeat.

Chaining Enemies

You're not restricted to facing just one opponent at a time; your ability to queue up enemies depends on your Combat Level. Starting at Combat Level 1, you can queue up to 3 enemies, and as your combat level increases to 100, you'll be able to queue up to 10 enemies.

If you're already in combat, simply select another enemy and click Battle again. The game will line up your next battles, automatically progressing to the next fight after your current one concludes.


  • You are able to send your pet to hunt on your behalf when you reach a Pet Mastery level of 40.
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