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In IdleMMO, the right equipment is crucial for enhancing your character's abilities. It's the sole method to boost your character's stats, pivotal for mastering various skills.

Equipment Varieties

The game boasts a diverse arsenal of gear. Whether you're gearing up for mining with specialized Pickaxes or arming for battle with a mighty Sword, the options to tailor your character are plentiful. Each equipment piece bestows different stat bonuses — some pieces might significantly outperform others in power.

Assessing Equipment

To gauge the potential of your gear, scrutinize two key attributes: quality and level. Typically, a higher quality signifies greater power, enabling your character to tackle more formidable challenges with ease.

Upgrading Equipment

  • Equipment can be upgraded by applying the relevant Upgrade Stone to it.
  • It takes longer to upgrade an item the higher the existing item tier is.

Obtaining Equipment

In IdleMMO, equipment acquisition differs slightly from many other games. Instead of obtaining gear directly from enemy loot or chests, players must craft items using recipes. These recipes are earned through dungeon runs.

Alternatively, players can bypass the recipe acquisition process by purchasing them from the market. However, even with purchased Recipes, materials are still required to craft the item. Additionally, players have the option to directly purchase the desired item from the market.

Upgrade Limits

The quality of the equipment determines the maximum number of times you can upgrade an item.

Quality Limit
Standard 5 Tiers
Refined 5 Tiers
Premium 10 Tiers
Epic 10 Tiers
Legendary 15 Tiers
Mythic 20 Tiers
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