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Skills are the cornerstone of IdleMMO, enabling progress even while you're away from your device — true to the idle gaming genre.

How Skills Work

  • Variety of Skills: The game includes numerous skills, from Woodcutting to Mining.
  • Material Distribution: As you engage in a skill, materials are accumulated over time. For instance, with Woodcutting, you'll receive a Log every few seconds, depending on the type of Log being cut.
  • Idle Gameplay: You're free to step away from your device; your character continues the task. Upon your return, you'll find a collection of resources gathered in your absence.

Note: Some skills require specific Equipment, like a Pickaxe for Mining. You are given very basic equipment when you create your account but you can obtain better equipment by crafting them.

Pro Tip: Explore new locations to discover different items acquired from skills by travelling.

Types of Skills in IdleMMO

IdleMMO features diverse skills, each with its unique progression. Some skills even advance passively and are integrated with other game mechanics.

Skills Description
Harvest logs for crafting at the Forge, perfect for wooden items like a Bow.
Gather ore for smelting into metal bars, essential for creating Equipment. Coal is especially valuable for crafting.
Catch Fish for nourishment. Remember to cook them first to reap the health benefits.
Craft Potions and Essence Crystals.
Convert Ores into Metal Bars for use in the Forge.
Prepare your catch into meals that boost health for you and your pets.
Use resources from various skills to craft equipment.
Hunting MasteryHunting Mastery
Enhance by completing hunts. The hunting mastery level affects the number of enemies encountered. The higher the level, the more enemies that appear.
Guild MasteryGuild Mastery
Increase by participating in guild raids and challenges.
Increase by defeating enemies, crucial for dungeons and boss fights, but optional for non-combatants.
This increases the amount of gold you obtain when selling items to a vendor. You can get up to a bonus of 30%. You can increase your bartering level by selling items to the vendor.
Pet MasteryPet Matery
This increases your pets overall stats and the effectiveness of patting your pet. You can increase your pet mastery skill by sending your pets to battle.
Shadow MasteryShadow Mastery
Only available during the Eve of Shadows campaign. Shadow mastery allows characters to pick pumpkins, catch ghosts and perform exorcisms.
Yule MasteryYule Mastery
Only available during the Yule Fest campaign. Yule mastery allows characters to gather snow, create snowballs, and build snowmen.
Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.