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World Bosses

World Bosses represent a key game feature where players collaborate to vanquish a shared adversary, reaping experience and exclusive rewards in return.

Scattered throughout Solaris Isle, diverse World Bosses present varying levels of challenge. While some require a considerable time investment to overcome, the duration of each battle generally aligns with the boss's combat level, albeit not strictly adhering to this guideline.

Following a successful defeat, a cooldown period ensues before the boss respawns, typically commensurate with its combat level.

World Boss encounters serve as the primary means to acquire Pet Eggs, crucial items enabling players to obtain pets once the incubation period elapses.

List of World Bosses

Name Image Combat Level Requirement EXP Battle Length Respawn Duration Location
Isadora Isadora Level 1 200 EXP 60s 120m Bluebell Hollow
Malgazar Malagazar Level 10 300 EXP 70s 150m Whispering Woods
Obsidianus Obsidianus Level 20 450 EXP 80s 180m Eldora
Shadowmire Shadowmire Level 30 650 EXP 90s 210m Crystal Caverns
Rogoth Rogoth Level 40 800 EXP 100s 240m Skyreach Peak
Petrok the Guardian Petrok the Guardian Level 50 1,000 EXP 110s 270m Enchanted Oasis
Lurka Stonefist Lurka Stonefist Level 60 1,200 EXP 120s 300m Floating Gardens of Aetheria
Nethrax Nethrax Level 70 1,400 EXP 130s 330m Celestial Observatory
Skarn the Dreadwake Skarn the Dreadwake Level 80 1,600 EXP 140s 360m Isle of Whispers
Voragor Voragor Level 90 2,500 EXP 150s 390m The Citadel
Thal'guth Thalguth Level 95 3,500 EXP 170s 420m The Citadel

Limited Time World Bosses

Name Image Combat Level Requirement EXP Battle Length Respawn Duration Location Event
Voloris Voloris Level 10 500 EXP 80s 150m Yulewood Glades Limited Time Boss - Yule Fest
Altair Altair Level 10 500 EXP 80s 150m Springtide Fair Limited Time Boss - Springtide Fair
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