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Membership in IdleMMO is a completely optional subscription that enhances every character on an account. It's designed to be fair and balanced, offering modest benefits that provide a slight edge without being game-changing over time.

Membership Benefits

Subscribers enjoy the following perks across all characters:

  • Idle Time: Extends from 80 minutes to 120 minutes.
  • Tokens: 200 tokens upon first-time subscription and 100 tokens monthly on the 15th.
  • Name Flair: Your character name gets a distinctive gradient.
  • EXP Boost: Gain an additional +15% EXP on all actions.
  • Inventory Expansion: 7 extra inventory slots.
  • Friends List Extension: Double the number of friends you can add.
  • Improved Daily Rewards: These are enhanced for members.
  • Order Duration: Purchase orders can last longer.
  • Pet Management: Manage an additional 7 pet slots.
  • Market Advantage: Reduced tax on market sales.
  • Skill Efficiency: Enjoy a +10% boost in efficiency when performing skills.
  • Exclusive Badge: A unique emblem to showcase your member status.
  • Listing Limits: Increased from 10 to 25 for maximum listings.
  • Order Limits: Increased from 10 to 25 for maximum orders.

The membership aims to increment certain limitations slightly and offer a modest boost in rewards. The game remains completely accessible to all players, with no content exclusively behind a paywall.

For the sake of transparency, we have delved deeply into the reasoning behind our membership strategy in our detailed blog post here. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance between fairness to our players and financial sustainability for the game.

Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.