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The Market is your go-to platform for trading items with other players through listings and market orders.


Listings feature items put up for sale by players across the realm of IdleMMO. Prices here follow the laws of supply and demand, set by the free market.

Pro tip: Act fast if you spot a bargain! Listings can expire or be snapped up by other players at any moment.


Purchase Orders are requests by players looking to buy specific items. If you own an item someone else wants, you can sell it directly at the order price listed.

Pro tip: When you list an item for sale, the system checks for matching Purchase Orders. This means your item could be sold instantly if it meets an existing order's criteria.


To ensure fair and controlled trading, the market is governed by specific limits for placing listings and orders. These limits vary based on membership status and character levels:

  • Free Members:
    • Maximum of 10 individual listings and orders on the market.
  • Subscribed Members:
    • Maximum of 25 individual listings and orders on the market.
  • Alternative Characters (Alts):
    • Must reach a total level of 150 to interact with the market.
Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.