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Valaron, a world of boundless diversity, cradles a myriad of races and civilizations that have emerged over the eons. Humans first tread upon its soil, but as the centuries unwound, the land welcomed new kin—orcish clans with their robust cultures, the Oakenra, sentient tree beings rooted in ancient wisdom, and countless others. The origins of these peoples are shrouded in enigma, their presence a puzzle that eludes even the most scholarly.

Legend speaks of an epoch when the heavens themselves parted with a brilliant flare, an event that old scriptures claim was the harbinger of these new societies. As the story goes, with a celestial flash that pierced the night, these races appeared as if by magic. Yet, the veracity of such texts is a subject of debate, muddied by contradictions and fantastical accounts.

Among the many conjectures, a popular belief intertwines with the myth of the great serpent—an entity of such scale that Valaron is thought to rest within its colossal gaze. Some interpret the heavenly flash as the mere blinking of this serpent's eye, a momentary closure that brought forth new life and realms to the world that is its iris. This tale, like many others, is woven into the rich and complex tapestry of Valaron's history, offering more questions than answers about the grand design of existence.


The Eldorians of Solaris Isle have their eyes set on a grand ambition: to expand their rule across the whole of Valaron. Their capital, Eldoria, is more than just a city; it's the heart of their civilization and a symbol of their desire to build an empire. This society doesn't care for old-fashioned notions of class or gender differences; everyone is given the same respect and chances to succeed. It's a place where progress isn't just encouraged; it's the way of life.

However, the Eldorians carry the weight of a dark history. Long ago, an emperor tried to erase an entire people from existence. The true details of this dark time are lost, as the Great Fire of Eldoria destroyed many of their historical records in an attempt to erase the past. Despite this, Eldoria has rebuilt and moved forward, forming a strong bond with their neighbors, Arvandor. They trade with each other and have pledged to stand together, showing that even a civilization with a troubled past can work towards a peaceful and cooperative future.


The Arvendor civilization, residing in the majestic realm known as The Citadel, is a society of higher beings, believed to be the direct descendants of the gods themselves. This lineage, steeped in the divine, casts an aura of reverence and mystery around them. Their history and culture are deeply intertwined with the celestial, a connection that defines their identity and place in the world. However, in an age where the sight of a god has become a tale of the past, skepticism brews among the people of Valaron. Many question the validity of the Arvendor's heritage, with some doubting the very existence of the gods. The Arvendor, aware of these doubts, largely remain aloof from the world's affairs, their interactions few and their secrets closely guarded within the walls of The Citadel.

Over 50,000 years ago, the Arvendor were central figures in a legendary conflict against the Ombric, a dark and formidable force. This epic battle, which culminated in the banishment of the Ombric to the underworld, is a fragment of history that has faded into the mists of time. Few in the present day, including the Arvendor themselves, retain any memory of this ancient war. Yet, whispers of a man, a living relic from that distant era, still circulate among the people. It is said he not only witnessed but partook in that monumental battle, a claim that drifts between the realms of legend and reality, adding to the enigmatic allure of the Arvendor civilization.


The Mokthar, a civilization of orcs known for their battle-hardened nature, have long reveled in the thrill of combat, preferring the rush of small-scale raids over the devastation of full-blown wars. Yet, beneath their fierce exterior, a crisis brews. A recent uprising within their ranks signals a yearning for change; many Mokthar are growing weary of their unending warring lifestyle, seeking instead a shift towards more progressive values. This internal strife is unfolding while they face external scorn, as the wider world often views them through a lens of prejudice, failing to see the individual complexities within their society. Despite this, some Mokthar have begun to migrate to Solaris Isle, bringing with them the echoes of their tumultuous homeland and the hope of forging a new path in a land far from their origins.


The Oakenra, a civilization of ancient and wise tree beings, have stood as silent guardians of their realm for millennia. Their lifespans stretch across thousands of years, fostering a depth of knowledge and perspective few can fathom. Traditionally, the Oakenra have remained staunchly neutral, eschewing the tumult of worldly politics and conflicts. However, the winds of change are stirring within their boughs. Oilegeist, a recently appointed member of their venerable elder council, believes that their longstanding neutrality has led to stagnation. In a bold and secretive move, he has begun to forge clandestine pacts with Astaroth, the notorious wizard of the underworld. This deviation from centuries of tradition is a clandestine affair, with the rest of the council still in the dark about Oilegeist's ambitious, potentially perilous plans.


In the shadowy depths of the underworld dwell the Ombric, a civilization comprised of various monstrous races, each embodying the essence of pure evil. It is believed that only the most corrupted souls, those who have strayed farthest from any path of redemption, find their place among the Ombric. Their domain is a realm unseen by most, a hidden world of darkness far beneath the surface. Known as the underworld, it is a stark contrast to the lands above, a place where malevolence festers and thrives. The Ombric's presence in the underworld is not by choice but by force; their chaotic and evil nature once plagued the surface world, leading to an epic confrontation with the divine descendants, the Arvendor. Victorious, the Arvendor cast the Ombric down, sealing them away from the world above, now a distant memory to many.

Centuries have passed since that fateful battle, and the details have faded even from the minds of the Arvendor. But for the Ombric, the memory of their banishment burns eternal, fueling a deep-seated desire for vengeance. As the current ruler of the underworld lies on his deathbed, a power vacuum emerges, and Astaroth, the master of manipulation, sees an opportunity to ascend. Few Ombric dare to venture beyond their dark haven; the Arvendor's lingering enchantments keep them bound, allowing only the most formidable among them to briefly overcome these restrictions. Meanwhile, Astaroth weaves a subtle yet insidious web of chaos across the world, orchestrating disruptions unbeknownst to many. His machinations have even entwined with the Oakenra, through a secret pact with one of their powerful members, signaling a sinister collusion that could unravel the fabric of the world above.

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