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Pets in IdleMMO are not just companions; they're a significant aspect of the gameplay, offering various advantages. With a diverse selection of pets, each excels in different roles, influenced by their inherent traits.

Choosing and Equipping Pets

  • Larger pets tend to boast a higher Movement Speed stat.
  • Agility may vary, with some pets naturally outperforming others.

Equipping a pet boosts your own stats correspondingly. For instance, a pet's Movement Speed of 20 m/s will be added to your character's speed. Note that only one pet can be equipped at a time.

Pet Status

  • Keep your pet content and fed to maintain its stat bonuses. Neglect could lead to reduced efficiency.
  • Feed your pet to alleviate hunger and interact with it to boost happiness.

Remember: Pets' happiness and hunger levels deplete with time, so regular care is crucial.

Pet Battles

You can engage your pets in battles against enemies, allowing them to gain experience and enhance their stats over time.

The duration of a pet's battle is influenced by its health and stats. A pet will only return to your character after its health is depleted. Additionally, the length of the time your pet is away is negatively affected if the pet is sent while hungry, unhappy, or with diminished health.

The experience gained from battles varies based on the location where the pet is fighting. Locations with stronger enemies provide a higher rate of experience per second for the pet.

When a pet returns from battle, it automatically goes back to the location where it was fighting. If you are not present at that location when the pet returns, you will not be able to interact with it until you travel to that specific location.

The table below indicates the minimum pet level required to battle in each location:

Pet Level Location
1 Bluebell Forest
8 Whispering Woods
18 Eldoria
32 Crystal Caverns
48 Skyreach Peak
60 Enchanted Oasis
70 Floating Gardens of Aetheria
78 Celestial Observatory
92 Isle of Whispers

Pro Tip: Battling in higher-level areas yields more experience per second, making it more efficient. However, these fights are shorter, requiring more frequent interaction from you to maintain effectiveness. You'll need to decide if this trade-off is worthwhile!

Pet Hunting

Once you reach a Pet Mastery level of 40, you will be able to send your currently equipped pet on a hunt on your behalf. The benefit of doing it is that hunting does not cancel your current action so you are able to continue performing a skill while your pet is hunting the enemies.

You are not able to hunt at the same time as your pet.

The time it takes for your pet to hunt the enemies will entirely depend solely on the pets Movement Speed stat.

The Incubation Period

  • Newly acquired pets from eggs undergo an incubation period.
  • High-quality pets typically require a longer incubation before hatching and becoming available.

Each pet brings unique benefits to your adventure, so choose wisely and take good care of your companion!

Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.