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Welcome to IdleMMO. IdleMMO offers a unique, uninterrupted idle MMO gaming experience that's easily accessible. To kick off your adventure, we've crafted this concise yet comprehensive Getting Started guide.

The section serves as a straightforward manual detailing how to get started with using two primary mechanics within IdleMMO: Skills and Battling.

Should you need further assistance or find the guide lacking, our Discord community is ready to assist. Join us there, and benefit from the support and advice of our friendly and knowledgeable player base.

We understand that your primary aim is to dive into the game, not wade through lengthy instructions. Therefore, we've kept this introduction brief and to the point.

Let's move on to the essentials and start your gaming adventure!


Skills are the cornerstone of IdleMMO, enabling progress even while you're away from your device — true to the idle gaming genre.

  • Navigate to the Mining page via the Skills dropdown menu.
  • You’ll see various ores you can mine in your vicinity. Start with Coal Ore by clicking on it and selecting Mine.
  • Set in motion! For the next 80 minutes, or 120 if you're a member, your character will mine autonomously. Feel free to leave the page; your gathered ore will wait for you in your inventory.

Simple, isn't it?

Pro Tip: Explore new locations to discover different ores.

The table below will show you the stat increase for each skill:

Skill Core Stats
Woodcutting Strength
Mining Strength, Defense
Fishing Dexterity
Alchemy Speed
Smelting Speed
Cooking Dexterity
Forging Strength

Hunting and Battling

Engaging in battle within IdleMMO begins with the hunt for enemies. This process is straightforward and sets the stage for your combat encounters.

  • To start, navigate to the Battle Page and click Start Hunt. This initiates the hunting phase.
  • Upon completion, a selection of enemies will appear on the page. Simply press on an enemy and then Battle to initiate the fight. Choose your opponent wisely, taking care not to engage with enemies out of your league, as enemies significantly stronger than your character may be impossible to defeat.

Pro Tip: Enhance your gameplay by improving your Hunting Mastery level. A higher level in this skill increases the variety of enemies you encounter during hunts, giving you more options for battle.


Congratulations! You've now mastered the basics of hunting and battling in IdleMMO. With just a few clicks, you can set your character on a path of adventure while you manage other tasks.

To deepen your understanding of IdleMMO's gameplay mechanics, we encourage you to explore further sections of our wiki. Should you encounter any challenges or have questions, our welcoming community is ready to assist you on our game's Discord server.

Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.