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Dungeons in the game serve as a means to passively engage in combat for extended durations, without necessitating direct player interaction as with battling enemies. Moreover, they function as the primary source for acquiring recipes, which, in turn, enable the crafting of strongest items.

The game features various dungeons, each with differing levels of difficulty. As a dungeon's level rises, so does its difficulty, resulting in a reduced chance of success. The likelihood of completing a dungeon successfully is contingent upon the combined total of the player's protection and attack power.

Each dungeon comprises multiple floors, depicted in the action bar, representing the player's ongoing idle actions. Upon clearing all floors of a dungeon, it automatically concludes, granting rewards if applicable.

Participating in dungeons demands a significant investment of both time and currency to obtain the most formidable items. As dungeon levels escalate, so do the associated costs in both gold and time.

List of Dungeons

Dungeon Level Required Location Cost Time To Complete
Millstone Mines Lv. 3 Bluebell Hollow 300 15m
Vineyard Labyrinth Lv. 10 Bluebell Hollow 1,200 15m
Verdant Veil Lv. 25 Whispering Woods 2,400 15m
Sylvan Sanctum Lv. 40 Whispering Woods 3,600 15m
Whispering Catacombs Lv. 60 Whispering Woods 4,800 15m
Cursed Asylum Lv. 62 Eldoria 6,000 22m
Forgotten Archives Lv. 65 Eldoria 9,000 30m
Crystal Forge Lv. 70 Crystal Caverns 15,000 39m
Frostbite Spire Lv. 74 Skyreach Peak 18,000 48m
Zenith's Sanctum Lv. 76 Skyreach Peak 21,000 59m
Mirage Citadel Lv. 78 Enchanted Oasis 24,000 70m
Eden's Embrace Lv. 82 Floating Gardens of Aetheria 27,000 83m
Arboreal Labyrinth Lv. 84 Floating Gardens of Aetheria 30,000 96m
Bloodmoon Manor Lv. 86 Celestial Observatory 33,000 111m
Ruins of Old Ranhor Lv. 88 Isle of Whispers 36,000 126m
Volcanic Depths Lv. 90 Isle of Whispers 39,000 142m
Celestial Enclave Lv. 92 The Citadel 42,000 160m
The Nexus Lv. 95 The Citadel 45,000 179m
Winter Wonderland Lv. 25 Yulewood Glades 960 25m
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