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Campaigns in IdleMMO offer a no-cost battle pass experience, allowing players to earn a variety of rewards, including tokens and exclusive skins. There are two main campaign types to engage with:

Global Campaigns

  • Availability: These are the staple campaigns of IdleMMO, accessible anytime but only active for a span of 2 to 3 months.
  • Rotation: Once a campaign's time is up, a new global campaign takes the stage.

Pro Tip: Don't worry about missing out; you can revisit any previous global campaign at your leisure.

Seasonal Campaigns

  • Timing: These campaigns are aligned with seasonal festivities such as Halloween, Winter Holidays, Easter, Valentines, etc., and are strictly time-bound.
  • Exclusivity: Once a seasonal campaign concludes, it's not possible to return to it.

Features of Seasonal Campaigns:

  • They offer unique rewards and skills pertinent to the season.
  • For instance, in the Eve of Shadows campaign, you can collect Pumpkins and exchange them for Campaign Points and rewards.
  • These collectibles are acquired through skill-based activities, but first, your character must venture to the event-specific location, available only during the campaign.

Pro Tip: Maximize your Campaign Points in the seasonal events by focusing on tasks that demand more attention.

Building a Snowman, for instance, yields higher points compared to simple Snowball trading. This is by design, as activities requiring greater effort, like gathering materials for Snowman, are more rewarding in the campaign. Keep in mind, the extra effort pays off in a substantial points boost!

Past, Current, and Future Campaigns

Eve of Shadows

Eve of Shadows

1st November 2023 - 8th November 2023

During the Eve of Shadows, adventurers and townsfolk don cloaks and mystical masks, their paths lit by enchanted jack-o'-lanterns. As the twin moons rise, quests of candy hunts and legendary ghost tales unfold, with hidden treasures for the bravest souls to discover.

This campaign was only available to the closed beta testers for a small amount of time. All progress was reset at the end of the beta.

Bluebell Festival

Bluebell Festival

6th December 2023 - Present

At the farm festival, folks gather for good tunes, tasty food, and a bit of dancing between the cornrows. As night falls, everyone chills under the stars, swapping stories and enjoying the simple joys of farm life.

Yule Fest

Yule Fest

13th December 2023 - 3rd January 2024

At Yule Fest, a joyful celebration embraces winter's heart. Amidst frosty realms, folks gather to sculpt snowmen and revel in spirited snowball fights. It's a season of warmth in cold, where sharing moments with family kindles the true spirit of togetherness.



9th Feburary 2024 - 20th Feburary 2024

An enchanting festival of love held annually in the heart of the kingdom, where joyous melodies fill the air and the streets are adorned with vibrant hues of pink and red. Couples and friends alike gather in the town square, surrounded by fluttering heart-shaped banners and twinkling fairy lights.

Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.