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The World

Creation of the World

In the years before the dawn of recorded time, Valaron was a colossal land, a supercontinent that cradled all creation. It was a time of splendor when the Old Gods — Zimos, Balthazar and, Mortem among others — ruled the hearts of all beings. Their shrines spread across Valaron, each a monument to the peoples' unwavering devotion.

The first civilisation of people endured an endless journey. They made their humble homes within the earth. Known to the annals of time as "plebeians," they roamed the expanse of Valaron, their lives a tapestry of travel and simplicity, and their reverence for the gods manifest in scattered temples.

Recent History

As eons passed, the forces of nature carved Valaron into fragments, each drifting apart on the cosmic sea, fostering new lands and new beginnings. Yet, as the landmasses diverged, so too did the hearts of the people. The once-unified worship of the Old Gods dwindled, surviving only within secluded enclaves, where the ancient ways still whispered in the winds.

Valaron now stands divided, not just by sea and land, but by belief. Some adhere to the legend of a colossal serpent, considering Valaron to be a mere reflection in its divine eye. Others have forsaken the deities of old, while there are those who gaze into the abyss, performing sacred rites with pink water lilies to honour a cosmic entity believed to dwell beneath the waves.

Solaris Isle

Solaris Isle

In the heart of Valeron lies Solaris Isle. This continent is a reflection of the worlds rich diversity, a bastion of unity where diverse biomes flourish side by side. Here, a lasting peace has been a constant presence in the lives of its people.

Period of Uncertainty

Despite the countless years of peace, whispers of unease stir the air; Astaroth, the underworld's dark wizard, is spinning a sinister web, threatening to unravel the serenity that has long blanketed the world. His nefarious schemes, if left unchecked, could usher in an era of chaos and darkness.

In the twilight of Valaron's storied past, there are whispers abound of a singular, enigmatic presence. Sightings of this timeless figure are unclaimed, yet the name endures. Passed down through centuries, this unending legacy creates a blend of wonder and speculation in everyone who hears the legend, leading to the whispered reverence of one name: Mahol the Endless.

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