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Guilds serve as a platform for players to unite and engage in cooperative events. They facilitate various activities, including coordinated raids and challenges.

However, the guild feature is continuously evolving. Future updates will introduce additional mechanics like guild halls and World Boss spawning, enriching the gameplay experience even further.

Levelling and Experience

Boosting the guild level through experience grants added benefits, like expanding member capacity. Further enhancements are planned for future releases. As the guild level increases, expect to unlock additional raids and increase the daily challenge limit.


Marks serve as currency earned through guild challenges. They enable access to diverse guild mechanics, including the ability to refresh challenges and raid participation.

Currently, the sole method to acquire tokens is by completing challenges.

As a general rule of thumb, each challenge completed earns 1 point. Refreshing a challenge costs 4 points. The cost to start a raid varies based on its difficulty level.

Member Limit

The guild member limit is dependent on the guilds total level.

Member Limit Guild Level
20 Members Lv. 1
21 Members Lv. 35
22 Members Lv. 60
23 Members Lv. 70
24 Members Lv. 85
25 Members Lv. 100


Guild members can engage in raids to gain experience and rewards, collaborative events that can be organized by the guild leader. Raids are prearranged by high ranking members, allowing guild members to join a lobby before the raid commences. Once the scheduled timer reaches 0, the raid begins automatically.

The guild's experience gain hinges on the number of participants in the raid. More participants yields more experience points for the guild.

Individual participants earn experience by successfully completing guild raids, receiving both Combat Experience and Guild Mastery Experience.

Raids are designed to scale in time, with higher-tier raids requiring more time to finish but offering greater rewards in terms of experience per participant and experience gained per second. Thus, while they demand more time, they yield richer rewards for both the guild and its members.

Participants forfeit rewards if they leave a raid prematurely, resulting in reduced rewards for the guild as well.


Challenges serve as efficient avenues for the guild to accumulate experience swiftly. Members holding specific ranks within the guild have the authority to generate challenges, each lasting for a duration of 24 hours.

These challenges foster collaboration within the guild, encouraging members to work collectively towards shared objectives, such as acquiring a specified quantity of items and subsequently contributing them to the challenge.

Upon successful completion, the guild earns experience points. Notably, participants are rewarded with an additional 2 experience points for every item contributed towards the challenge, irrespective of whether the challenge is completed or not.

As the guild levels up, more challenges can be completed per 24 hours. If a challenge is deemed to be too difficult, higher ranking members of the guild can refresh a specific task for 4 marks.

Maximum Challenges

Guild Level Max Challenges
Lv. 1 5 Challenges
Lv. 25 6 Challenges
Lv. 40 7 Challenges
Lv. 60 8 Challenges
Lv. 85 9 Challenges
Lv. 100 10 Challenges

Ranks and Permissions

Permission Soldier Officer Leader
Disband Guild
Update Description
Manage Applications
Change Rank
Change Background/Icon
Kick Members
Update Settings
Schedule Raid
Generate Challenges
Refresh Challenge
Create Announcements
Delete Announcements

Additional Notes

  • A character can only join a guild once every 24 hours.
Please note that any information listed above is only true at the time of writing. The game may have changed since this page was last updated.